Our Activities

In order to give orphans a better life, we help in various areas: 

✓ 3 children’s villages with a total of 235 orphans in Ethiopia, Uganda and Bolivia

✓ One kindergarten each for a total of 306 children in Ethiopia and Uganda

✓ 1 elementary school (up to grade 7) for 177 students in Uganda

✓ 1 elementary school (up to grade 8) for 568 pupils in Ethiopia

✓ one senior high school (grades 9-12) each for 461 students in Ethiopia and Rwanda

✓ 84 boarding school students in Ethiopia

✓ Carpentry in Bolivia

✓ Bakery in Bolivia

✓ Hairdressing salon in Bolivia

✓ Tailoring in Bolivia and Rwanda

✓ Agriculture in Bolivia and Rwanda

Activities of each farm in order of importance

  1. Brazil (118 ha): Teaching farm, syntropic vegetable and fruit production, protection forest, beekeeping.
  2. Bolivia (59 ha): Teaching farm, syntropic fruit and vegetable cultivation, coconut palm cultivation, apiary, forest
  3. Uganda (66 ha): Teaching farm, vegetable and fruit cultivation, reforestation, dairy cattle and goat farming
  4. Rwanda (24 ha): Teaching farm, vegetable and fruit cultivation, dairy cattle, beekeeping
  5. Ethiopia (30 ha): Arable farming, forest, dairy cattle, beekeeping, oxen fattening

✓ Health weeks and volunteer training with medical subjects in Brazil

✓ Medical outpatient clinic in Ethiopia

✓ Aid missions for people in need in Ethiopia, Uganda, Rwanda, Brazil and Bolivia.

✓ 3 multipurpose halls for worship and cultural activities in Ethiopia, Rwanda, and Brazil.

✓ Conducting Bible seminars and outreach in Ethiopia, Rwanda, Uganda, Brazil, and Bolivia.

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