Incredible: Eye Surgery Made Possible by Donations!

When Marcel Mutuyeyesu was still a boy, he was injured by a cow. Over a long period of time he was treated by eye specialists from Kigali, unfortunately without success. 

A specialist from Butare diagnosed a bad meningitis injury. To help Marcel Mutuyeyesu, Jonathan, a former American volunteer started a fundraising campaign together with his father. Over US$70,000 was needed to perform the complicated surgery. 

The Centura Helth Center, the Rotary Club of South Denver, Colorado and private donors raised the sum for the corneal transplant. As a result, Marcel underwent successful surgery. 

Marcel’s story was publicized, as 9 News Channel covered his fate in a ten-minute television segment. 

Thank God there are always people who feel called to stand up for others!
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