A Special Gift

The former L’ESPERANCE children from the children’s village Akaki, Ethiopia, gave us a special pleasure. We received a certificate from them. It says:

L’ESPERANCE Children’s Aid Organization Ethiopia

We, the children of Ethiopia, want to express our heartfelt Thank You for giving us the privilege to be part of your project.

Thank you for providing us with food, shelter, spirituality, and education. We are teachers, doctors, accountants, managers, engineers, and many other professions because you cared, you shared, but above all because you love.

May God continue to bless you as you continue to grant this same privilege to hundreds more of children of Ethiopia.

On the back of the certificate are the signatures of 114 former orphans who found refuge at L’ESPERANCE-Kinderhilfe.

The thanks is also for you

These words have moved us very much. But they are not only addressed to the board and the staff of L’ESPERANCE. They are for all sponsors, donors, volunteers and for all who pray for the children.

What could we have done without you? How many children could we have helped without your support?

We want you all to know that your donations are being received, that they are making a difference. That is what we at L’ESPERANCE Children’s Aid are committed to.

And most of all, we thank our Heavenly Father for always opening doors and moving hearts.

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