New Start in Kinyo

In 2011, after 23 years in which L’ESPERANCE consistently provided help to needy orphans in Kirinda, the children’s village had to be closed due to a Ugandan law. You can read details about this HERE. After five weeks of intensive searching, we managed to buy the beautifully located Kinyo property on Lake Victoria, and start from scratch. Paul Kowoll visited the project. He reports:

Excerpt from the Travel Report by Paul Kowoll

The so-called Base Camp consists of the two containers from Kirinda, which are placed at a distance from each other, so that another storage space was created between them. The whole thing is roofed. Behind it, a large house was built, which will temporarily house the beds and inventory of the children’s village. Later it will serve as a feed and egg store for the chicken farm. Next to it, a third building with four rooms was built, which will house the office. For the time being, three rooms will serve as sleeping and living quarters. At some distance to the side, towards the lake side, a customary toilet house has been built. Below the living quarters a kitchen is under construction, behind it a pavilion as a dining room. There are so far four guards employed here, who guard the property day and night, in addition some building craftsmen live here.

From the camp we go left into the property, cross on stones the small stream and the slightly larger Kinyo, go up to the opposite property line. Here we come out of the forest and are back on open grassy area with some shrubs that have settled on termite mounds. There is a magnificent panoramic view of the opposite valley slope, of small rock terraces, downward to the beach of Lake Victoria and across the water to some islands. Our spontaneous common impression is: This is where the children’s village is to be built.

At the base camp, the existing houses and the planned elementary school were measured, as well as the village area for the residential houses.

In addition to the construction activities planned for this year:

> Dairy cows – 4 dairy cows are to be purchased as mated young animals at two or three years of age.

> Cocoa Plantation – The plan is to start with a 10-acre cocoa plantation, according to our financial capabilities. On each acre 435 bushes will be planted. Harvesting will begin after three years. The plants are expected to yield 75 years. They need shade trees.

> Chicken farm – initially we want to start with 1000 birds. Purchase of chicks for the first coop should be in June. The second coop for another 1000 hens should be built in November.

> Banana planting – Banana planting should be done around the stables. The perennials will provide shade for the stalls. The planting is intended as a hen run and the animals fertilize the plant.

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