News from Bolivia

In January 2010 we had already announced our plan to build a bakery in our children’s village San Mateo. In March, the work was started. In the meantime, the shell has been completed and the roof has already been tiled. In April, a German team, including a power supply engineer, spent two weeks in the children’s village to convert the power supply to three phases. In this context, an underground cable was laid to the new building.

Two volunteers from Maintal have already booked flights for the end of June. The two retirees will carry out the electrical installation of the bakery. Thanks to a doctor from Bochum, the financing of the approximately 10,000 euros of operating equipment is secured. Through a variety of auctions, more than 9,000 euros have already been obtained. Just today we received money for the rest of the construction costs for the bakery, which was financed by an entrepreneurial family from Baden-Württemberg.

Most of the helpers and donors mentioned here only briefly have been supporting L’ESPERANCE for many years. We are extremely grateful to be able to channel skills and finances for the benefit of the orphans. With both funding secured and construction progress ahead of our schedule, we will most likely be able to put the bakery into operation in July.

Many thanks to all those involved in the project.

Matthias Kowoll

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