Bakery for the San Mateo Children’s Village

The San Mateo Children’s Village currently cares for 59 social orphans living in five family groups. The L’ESPERANCE facilities are divided into different areas of use. Besides the residential area, the area for kindergarten and school and the agricultural areas, there is also a commercial area in San Mateo. So far, there is only a carpenter’s workshop, which produces mainly for its own needs. 
Not far from it, on an open area cut into the bush, a bakery is to be built. The bakery will be used for self-supply, as a training area and also to generate income through the sale of baked goods.
Construction plan of the bakery

The single-story building has a floor area of about 130 square meters. In the center are the oven and the kneading machine. To the right and left are two rooms with surrounding tables. These serve as work surfaces for the trainees. The center tables offer the instructor the opportunity for demonstrations. Thanks to the generous donation of an entrepreneurial family from Baden-Württemberg, the financing of the building has been secured. Construction work is to begin as early as the next few weeks, so that the work will be completed in the summer. What is not yet financed is the operating equipment. In order to be able to start production as soon as possible after completion, we are urgently looking for sponsors for the equipment.

Below we would like to give you an overview of the equipment still needed. The costs for this, according to the current dollar exchange rate, amount to the equivalent of € 9,700.

List of needed equipment

We thank you in advance for your support.

Matthias Kowoll

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